Warp Jack

Temporal Mischief:
At 3rd level when you take this archetype, you gain the ability to manipulate basic singulairities and portals. A number of times per day you equal to your WIS mod can create a pair of portals linked to eachother. With your little understanding of these portals you can only shoot projectiles or cast spells through the portals. If the portals are more than 30 ft apart/away from you, they difuse and fail. These portals last for a number of rounds equal to your WIS modifier. If anything else attempts to move through the portal it just passes harmlessly through it.

Temporal Reach:
At 7th level you have gained enough understanding of the portals you create to move parts of your body through it. You may make melee attacks through the portal but cannot use the extra attack feature.

Temporal Step:
At 11th level you have learned to move your body through the portal. Once per turn you may use 5 ft of your movement to pass through your portal but cannot pass back in the same turn. Your portals also have a max distance from each other and you of 60 ft. If you begin your turn next to your portal you may use a bonus action to move through it.

Temporal Mastery:
At 15th level you gain one of the following benefits;
-Temporal Trap: Any enemy that attempts to use your portal takes 1d10 psychic damage for passing through it. You may also set up traps inside your portals. As an action you may make a Temporal Trap. Any enemy that passes over this trap takes 3d10 psychic damage.
-Temporal Trip: Your allies can move through your portal as you do. You gain a number of Ally Charges equal to your proficentcy bonus. You may expend these charges allow an ally to move through a portal you create as you do. You regain all uses after a long rest.
-Emergency Escape: When your Hit Points fall below 1/4 of its maximum you gain 3 Jump Charges. You may expend one of these charges as a reaction to an attack or spell attack on you to partitally pass through a portal you create in expedience; this causes the roll to gain disadvantage. In addition you may move through the portal as part of the reaction. These portals are quick and unstable, only lasting till your next turn. You can only gain 3 Jump Charges per day.
-Temporal Stabilization: Your portals are so stable that you can use them a number of times per day equal to 2 times your WIS mod.
-Attak Jack: Your use the portals for offense. When you take the attack action through your portal you may use the extra attack action. You also blur your attack dealing 1d8 extra physchic damage on the first attack made this way in a turn.

Warp Jack

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