A Tree with a Recurve Bow in an open palm.

Tree of life. Deep into the monsterous land the tree is belived to be located, Soahl resides. Defending the tree while making sure the land is always alive, but understands death comes and goes in PAEGRINIS.

Neutral Good

Nature, life, Harvest, Hunting

Rangers, Forest Dwellers, Praedite, Kymeric

Light, Life, Nature

Favored Weapon
Recurve Bow

Life is precious and is to be held dear, but death is something that is natural and must happen for the life cycle to continue. Some interpret this as a hunting teaching. That hunting prey isnt something to be concerned with, Others interpret this as a right to have war with others if it is for the good of your life cycle.

Clergy & Temples
Clergy is divided amongst races. Some believe that the clergy is for druidic wisdom and divine wisdom to come tongether. Others believe that this is for them too reclaim lost life in the land, most made up of clerics of war and clerics of nature.

1.Preserving a life cycle is a natural response, use it.
2.Taking of life is something you thank a being for doing.
3.When the end comes accept it as it comes, it comes for everyone the same.


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