Armor of Shadows
You can summon a suit of shifting, swirling armor of pure force that protects you in combat. While you are not wearing armor or using a shield, your AC becomes 10 + Dex mod + Cha mod.

Eldritch Claw (Pre-req: Level 7, Pact of the Blade)
You can manifest a ranged cantrip as a melee spell attack, be it an oversized one handed weapon, a blade of roiling chaotic energy, or a lashing tentacle. When you cast a cantrip that requires a Ranged Spell Attack, You may instead make a Melee Spell Attack: this requires at least one free hand.

Eldritch Sword (Pre-req: Level 9, Pact of the Blade)
When you cast a cantrip or make a melee spell attack in a round, if you are wielding a one-handed weapon in you other hand, you may use a bonus action to make an attack with that weapon.

Eldritch Glaive (Pre Req: Level 12, Eldritch Claw)
When Using Eldritch Claw to manifest a cantrip, for the following round, you may use your reaction to cast the same cantrip against a target that threatens an Opportunity Attack from you. Your reach is considered 10’ for this purpose.

Legion Blades (Pre-req: Level 4, Pact of the Blade)
You may create second pact blade and/or bind a second weapon as your pact weapon, and can summon both as a single action. All of the normal rules for TWF apply when weidling your Pact Blades.

Shield of Atropos (Pre-req: Level 4, Pact of the Blade)
You may create and/or bind a Pact Shield in addition to your Pact Blade. You are proficient with this shield, and you may summon both your shield and your blade as a single action. Your pact shield does not benefit from other invocations that benefit your pact blade.

Vampiric Blade (Pre-req: Level 15, Pact of the Blade)
Whenever you stike with your pact blade, you gain a number of THP equal to your Cha modifier. THP gained from lifedrinker stack with other sources of THP, and your maximum THP total is equal to twice your Warlock level + your Cha modifier.

Bow Bond (Pact of the Blade as a prerequisite):
Your pact weapon can take the form of a ranged weapon that never runs out of ammunition and you may bind a ranged weapon in addition to your pact weapon.

Arcane Secrets (Pact of the Tome as prerequisite):
Choose any two spells from any class’s spell list, given that they are of a level you can cast, and add them to your spells known. You can take this invocation more than once.

Arcane Shield (Pact of Tome as prerequesite):
If you have your book of shadows, you may cast the Shield spell as a reaction to an attack. You may use this feature a number of times per day equal to 1/2 your proficentcy bonus (Rounded down).

Otherworld Intellect (Pact of Tome 4th level as a prerequesite):
You may add double your proficentcy bonus to an INT check you make due to your patron sharing their vast knowledge. You may use this a number of times per day equal to your Proficentcy bonus divided by 3 (Rounded Down, Minimum 1).

Tome Basher (Pact of Tome, 9th level as a prerequesite):
You may use your tome as a 2 handed weapon dealling 1d10 blugeoning damage. At 14th level your tomb is more potent, dealing 2d8 blugeoning/Psychic damage (Half and Half).

Mental Whispers (Pact of Tome, 12th level as prerequisite):
You can cast Detect Thoughts at will, without expending a spell slot.

Bibliophyliac (Tome Basher, 14th level as prerequisite):
Your book is an extention of your mind and you treat it as such. Your book now may constatly follow you suspened in air within 5 ft of you. You may throw your tome as a weapon with a range of (20/60) dealing regualar damage and then returning to your space on a successful hit. You may call your tomb to you as a bonus action at the beginining of your turn.

Familiar Channeling(Pact of Chain as a Prerequesite):
Your familiar and you share the essence of your magic force. Your familiar can cast any spell you know, drawing from your V/S/M components an alotted spell slots per day.

Potent Familiar (Pact of Chain, 6th level as a Prerequesite):
Your familiar becomes one size larger gaining the following benefits:
+5 STR
+4 CON
HP: (1d6 + 2)/2 Warlock levels
Melee: (1d6 + 3)
Increase in size Catagory
If you have expended all your spell slots or are incapacitated, your familiar loses all these bonuses.

Familiar Combat (Potent Familiar, 10th level as a Prerequesite):
Your familiar is allowed to attack on its turn or it may cast eldrich blast as if you had cast it.

Familiar Spellcaster (Potent Familiar, 10th level as a Prerequesite):
Your familiar gains 1 pact magic spell slot that it may use to cast a spell you know without V/S components and only needing Material components with a listed cost. Your familiar regains this spell slot after a short or long rest. Youmay take this innvocation up to 2 times.

Shared Natural Attack (Pact of Chain, 6th level as a prerequesite):
You have formed a bond with your familiar that allows you to channel natural attacks as the familiar does. Your natural attack deals 1d8 + CHA Bludgeoning/Piercing/Slashing (Your choice, considered magical).

The Dead Walk
Prerequisite: 5th level, Pact of the Bone feature
When you cast animate dead using your Bone pact boon, each creature created has hit points of a normal undead of its type. In addition:
• The creature’s hit point maximum is increased by an amount equal to your warlock level.
• The creature adds your proficiency bonus to its weapon attack rolls.

Crown of the Lich Lord
Prerequisite: 15th level, Pact of the Bone feature
When you cast animate dead using your Bone pact boon, you may animate or exert influence over up to three creatures. Additionally, each undead creature under your control deals an additional 1d6 poison damage on its attack rolls.

Prerequisite: Pact of the Flame feature
When you expend hit points to imbue your cantrip with fire damage, you can change the damage type of the cantrip to fire damage. Creatures with resistance to fire damage take the full amount of fire damage from your cantrip and creatures with immunity to fire damage take this damage as if they had resistance to fire damage.


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