Hangman’s Choosen:
At 3rd level you gain 2 humanoids on your list of favored enemies (if you already selected 2 humanoids, choose 2 more). You may designate a chosen enemy as The Judged once per turn as a ponus action. When you attack your chosen enemy you deal extra force damage equal to your proficentcy bonus. You may only use this feature a number of times per day equal to your WIS Mod.

Hangman’s Weaponry:
At 7th level you gain proficentcy in the Rifle, Spiked Chain, and Grapple Blade. When you use a rifle, spiked chain, whip, flail, grapple blade or battleaxe you may add 2 times your proficentcy bonus to force damage on The Judged.

Hangman’s Noose:
At 11th level as an action you utter a word that causes a magical noose to appear around the neck of The Judged. An enemy with a fly speed loses it from this effect. As an action on your turn you may pull the noose upwards on a spectral Gallows. An enemy that requires air to breathe must make a CON saving throw vs. (8 + the number of rounds they’ve been hung + WIS Mod) taking 1d12 damage on a successful save or 1/6 of their hit point maximum rounded up on a failure. Enemys under this effect may not move but can attempt a Strength(athletics) check or a Dexterity(Arcrobatics) to espace. You can use this effect a number of times per day equal to 1/2 your proficentcy bonus (Rounded up).

Gallow Master:
At 15th level you have become the master of Judging the Wicked. You may use your Hangman’s Chosen a number of times per day equal to 2 times your WIS mod. After The Judged takes damage from any attack, spell or ability you cast they must make a WIS saving throw or be freightened for 1d4 rounds. You may also as a bonus action on your turn make a WIS check against the enemy WIS check, if you succeed the enemy is blind to your presence but can still hear you if you choose to let them.


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