Dread Pirate

Dirty Fighting: At 3rd level you have no problem using dirty tactics to win a fight. You can use your Cunnng Action to also make a shove attempt.

Pirate’s Training:
At 3rd level you gain proficiency with the Revolver, Hunting Rifle, Coach Gun and Gunblade. You also gain advantage on all checks to swim and gain a swim speed equal to your base speed.

Extra Attack:
At 9th level you are a martial expert by experience. When you take the attack action you may attack twice.

Improved Dirty FIghting:
At 9th level you may use your Acrobatics check instead of your Athletics on your shove attempts made with Dirty Fighting.
You may also use one of your attacks during your Attack action to throw sand in the face of your enemy. The target makes a CON Saving throw vs. your Sleight of Hand check. On a failed save the enemy is blinded for the turn. A target that fails this save is immune to its effects for 1d4 rounds.

Dreadful Stride:
At 13rd level you can stride through combat. After taking an attack action on your turn, for the the remainder of your movement all attacks of opportunity have disadvantage.

Inspire Dread:
At 17th level you have been on a battlefield so often that your attacks can inspire crippling dread on you targets. You may use a bonus action to charge your next weapon strike with dread. If the attack hits it deals extra psychic damage equal to 1d6 * CHA Mod. You can use this feature a number of times per day equal to your CHA mod.

Dread Pirate

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