Devil Trigger

Demon Soul Channel:
At 3rd level when you take this archetype, your story has unfolded and you willingly (or unwillingly) made a deal with “the Devil” (an evil, fire based entity). This gives you a boon of the deal. When you attack with any fire arm, it deals extra damage equal to you CHA mod in fire damage.

Demonic Fighting Style
When you reach 7th level you gain an improved fighting style.

Dueling → Infernal Duelist
Youve become adept at dueling others and making sure you win. If you fail your first attack after drawing a firearm you may re-roll the attack, forcing luck your way. IF the second attack hits, it deal 2d6 extra fire damage. You can use this once per weapon (This doesnt effect the quick draw ability) and regain all uses after a long rest.

Sharpshot → Demonic Sights
Youve become an expert and taking down enemies at long range. When you attack with a rifle, you may subract a number equal to or less than your CHA modifer. Subtract that from the attack roll and add 2 times the amount of fire damage on a hit.

Boomstick → Mincer
Youve become a master of the one two punch. When an enemy is within 5 ft of you you may make a melee attack with your shotgun dealing 1d4 blugeoning damage. On a successful hit you may make an attack with your shotgun at close range, gaining advantage on the attack roll.

Twin Pistols → Twin Demons
Your pistols are part demon as an extention of your deal. You may treat any pistol as a dagger when you wield it. (Causing a red blade to protrude from the front of it). These weapons are considered magical.

Eyes of the Abyss
At 11th level you have hit a point of barrowing power from “the Devil” that you have permenantly gained his sight. You can see up to 200 meters clearly and in both magical and non magical darkness, this doesnt increase your range in any way. You can also cause your eyes to flare, thus you gain proficentcy with the intimidate skill.

Devil’s Wasteland
At 15th level you have mastered your demonic abilities and are able to push yourself incredible speeds and reactions. As an action on your turn you may enter the stance of the Slumbering Demon. When in this stance you have the following effects:
-Your movemet drops to 10 ft
-You act regularly on your turn
-when its not your turn any enemy entering, leaving or starting their turn within half your weapon range causes you to gain one Demon Action.
-A Demon Action allows you to reload, make a single attack against the enemy that crossed your range (or began its turn in 1/2 your range) or draw a weapon and fuction exactly like bonus actions.
-All successful attacks deal an extra 1d6 fire and 1d6 necrotic damage
This effect lasts up to a minute and can be dismissed by you as an action on your turn. Once you use this feature you must complete a long rest before you use it again.

Devil Trigger

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