Night Sight:
At 3rd level you have already trained your sight to that of a hawk. Your ranged attacks with firearms dont impead disadvantage when targeting long range. In addition, your attacks with firearms ignore half and three quarters cover. Also, if you dont have proficentcy in stealth, you gain proficentcy with it.

Fade to Black:
At 7th level you have learned to silence your ranged strikes. You can create a silencer for a firearm, it costs 100gp and reduces the effective range by half (Regular and long range). When you attack with a silenced weapon, if an enemy doesnt see you or your weapon, your not revealed of flushed out with a successful stealth check. In addition, you deal extra necrotic damage equal to your DEX modifier on any successful hit with a firearm at long range, which increases to 2x DEX mod at 15th level.

Black SIght:
At 11th level you have mastered seeing anything and everything you need to. You can see perfectly out to 300ft and can see in magical and nonmagical darkness. Your effective range with handguns is doubled and your long range with a rifle is increased to 300ft. You may also as an action cast detect magic (as the spell) with an effective sight range of 100ft that lasts 30 seconds. You may use this a number of times per day equal to your DEX modifier.

At 15th level you can deaden the sight of creatures, leaving them at your mercy. As an action on your turn choose a target within 300ft (this does not have to be a creature), you fire a shot coated in anti-matter that resonates with air and light. Make an attack roll, each creature within a 30ft sphere from the point of impact must make a WIS check vs your attack roll. On a failed save, the creature is blinded and deafened while in the area of the sphere. On a successful save a creature is immune to this effect for 24 hours. Entering the area impeads a WIS check for creatures that havent made a save vs this ability yet. The sphere lasts 30 seconds and can be used once per day.


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