Arcane Sniper

Arcane Engineer
At 3rd level you have learned enough about magic that you’re on the level of a novice mage. You learn 3 cantrips from the Wizard spell list. You also reverse engineered 2 envocation spells from the Wizard spell list that an eldrich knight of your level could learn. The duration of the chosen spells must be instantaneous. These spells are considered learned but cannot be cast normally and can only be used with Imbue Ammo. You learn another spell at 7th, 11th, and 2 more at 15th.

Imbue Ammo
At 3rd level you gain the ability to charge your ammunition for a fire arm with a spell. As a bonus action select a spell gained from Arcane Engineer, the next shot in your weapon in imbued with the chosen spell. Make an attack roll as normal. If the attack hits it deals regular damage and the spell is cast centered on the enemy hit. You may Imbue a number of shots per day equal to (INT mod + Proficentcy), regaining uses on a long rest.

Arcane Eye
At 7th level If you spend 30 seconds observing a creature, you can discern if they have casting abilities and if those abilities are arcane, divine, or psionic in origin. You can spend an action to detect the magic abilities of a creature within 60 ft. As an action you immediately know the number of spell slots the creature has remaining and the highest spell slot they can cast.

Seeking Shells
At 11th level you have learned how to channel your shots to attempt to curve and hit your target. You may add you INT mod as a bonus to hit with Imbued shots.

Master Imbument
At 15th level you can imbune up to 2 pieces of ammo at once. You have also learned to channel pure arcane energy into a shot. The next shot deals an extra 1d8 an doesn’t count as a use of Imbue Ammo.

Arcane Sniper

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