Ambras Bloodline


Your innate magic comes from what some call a curse, some call a culling and some call a cure. After some interaction (Family blood or Willing Intake or Random Attack) you have been infected with Ambras-Lycamp, or more simply lycanthropy. Some have the luck of being immune and some races have this blood built into their genetic code. By embracing the magic that is root in the ancient affliction, you can not only tame the beast within your blood but become the wrathful beast itself.

Stabilized Ambras-Lycamp:
At 1st level you have learned to control the magic that comes with Ambras-Lycamp, so you no longer suffer the effects of the disease.

Beast Shape:
At 1st level you have learned to control your beastly transformation. You may take a beastly form once per day as an action with the following benefits.

  • Your AC increases to 13+DEX and any armor or weapons you may be wearing is either destroyed, magically integrated to your form (With no bonuses), or disappears till you shift back (your choice).
  • You gain an enhanced natural weapon. It is considered light for purpose of dual wielding and it deals 1d6 piercing or slashing damage (your choice) and increases damage with level.
    →1d8: 6th level
    →1d10: 14th level, considered magical, +1 to attack & damage rolls
  • This ability lasts up to an hour, during which you can free shape back and forth when not in combat.
  • Your movement speed increases by 10 feet and your not impeded by forest terrain.
  • You may not cast spells in Beast Form
    Additionally you have advantage on rolls against fear and charm effects in both regular and Beast Shape.

Font of Fury:
At 6th level you can expend sorcery points to enhance your attacks. During your turn as a bonus action you may expend a number of sorcery points, up to half your sorcerer level (max 5). On your next attack you gain a bonus to you attack roll and damage roll equal to the number of sorcery points expended. You cannot use this ability again until you take a short or long rest. You also gain proficiency with Marital Weapons and Simple Weapons.

Elemental Beast:
At 14th level you have learned to channel an element from your beast form. Choose one of Acid, Fire, Cold, Thunder, or Electric. You may cast invocation spells up to 3rd level of the chosen type when you are in Beast Shape, expending material, verbal and somatic components regularly. You may also beast shape a number of times per day equal to 1/2 your proficiency bonus.

Master of The Moons:
At 18th level your beastly form has become more permanent. You gain the following benefits.

  • Your base movement increases permanently by 5 feet
  • Your unarmed strikes deal 1d6 slashing/piercing damage, gain a +1 to attack and damage rolls and are considered magical. This effect is continuous, in both regular and Beast Form.
  • You may now cast Abjuration spells of 3rd level or lower in Beast Form
  • You may cast cantrips in Beast Form
  • Your beast form AC becomes 15+DEX
  • When you begin a battle and you have no uses of Beast Form and it has been at least 8 hours since your last transformation, you regain 1 use.

Ambras Bloodline

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