Adept Throws:
Beginning at 9th level, you can make attacks with thrown weapons at double the normal range, you can draw or stow any number of thrown weapons on your turn, and you can treat thrown weapons as ranged weapons and light weapons as thrown weapons dealing 1d6 slashing damage with a range of 15/30.
When you make a ranged attack action with a thrown weapon while holding only thrown weapons, you may make an additional ranged attack with other finesse thrown weapons as a bonus action. You don’t add your ability modifier to the damage of the bonus attack, unless that modifier is negative.

At 13th level your speed is legendary, so fast that you can be in 2 places at once. As an action on your turn you may make a duplicate of yourself within 30 feet of you. This Duplicate lasts until dawn the next day. It is an exact clone of you, maintaining your current AC, 1/3 your current Hit Points, Skills, Features, and Stats. If your duplicate takes damage, you also take the same amount of damage. You may move and act normally and as a bonus action you may either move or attack with your clone. After using this feature you cannot use it again until you finish a long rest.

Master Ninja:
At 17th level you have gained the master training of a Ninja and you gain one of the following benefits:

  • Kamikaze Clone: Your Duplicate now spawns with 15 hit points. When it is reduced to 0 hit points, the duplicate rolls no death saves (You still take the 15 Hit points of damage being linked to it, and you must roll death saves it the 15 point damage would kill you). The Duplicate then explodes. All creatures within 30 feet of the Duplicate must roll a DEX saving throw vs. (10 + Proficentcy + INT modifier), taking 3d8 piercing damage from shrapnel on a failed save or half as much on a successful one. Creatures within 15 feet of it at the time of explosion take 3d8 Fire damage. Your Duplicate range is doubled.
  • Shuriken Storm: While your Duplicate is active you may throw a storm of shirken down on a target. Select a target within 30 feet of you and your Duplicate, then you both may make 2 attacks and a 2 bonus actions to use Adept Throws at the target, after which your Duplicate disappears. You may also use your Duplicate twice between long rests but after the 2nd use you gain one stage of exhaustion.
  • Substitution: Your Duplicate’s speed and toughness has increased. Between you and your duplicate you may take one move action, may attack 2 target on an attack action (one from each), one bonus action, and 2 reactions (one from each) over the course of a round. Your Duplicate also spawns with your current Hit Points and if your Hit Points where to be reduced to 0, you instead switch places with your duplicate and you recover 10 Hit Points, your Duplicate then disappears. Your Duplicate also lasts past dawn but you may not have more than one.


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