Everything I know is Gone.
“It was just shy of 6 years ago… The second coming. The second coming of the big bang. I’m not sure what happened but when we finally found a way to breach the nucleus of our universe a wave of some kind of energy flew through our universe faster than the speed of light. it happened in an instant. All i remember was everyone being frozen in time while the would around me terra-formed. The lands shifted and people died… unable to even realize they had died. By the time it was over i had counted 2000 days of everyone being frozen in time. There where only 3 others who roamed the planet’s new landscape. I can’t even remember their faces now, but all I know is I’ll do anything to change this back. Everyone changed. Like something from my son’s video game. They became rocky, animalistic, pale or any other thing you could imagine. I wandered alone thinking of a way to turn the clock back…. and then the worst of all came to pass. I came across the ruins of a building still intact with a self powering generator… but it wouldn’t work. That’s when i realized that the world’s power I had become accustom to using…. no longer works. Electricity is no longer an option. I am now a man alone in world that is unpredictable, dangerous and I have no source of power… Everything I know is gone. So I have two options on this cliff which i stand. Fall to my death or turn around and find a way to turn back the clock…”

-Note found by one of the early survivors after “The Second Coming”

This is the world you are a part of. The world of Terranova. in the year 2018 the human race found a way to breach the inner most nucleus of the universe and a wave of energy changed everything. From what you know the Three Greats led the races to their respective areas on what was left of the known world. They taught the races of the world to use the new source of energy called “Majik” and you are now part of a world newly born and in the heat of a war between races.