Territana is a race of stonewall attitude. They generally keep to themselves and keep to their work. They are usually merchants or do physical labor.

Appearance: Territans look mostly human but have stone protruding into their shoulders, forearms and calves. Most have a skin tone that is compliment to their stones (Onyx stones with dark skin, Granite with medium, etc.). As they age, the rocks grow. This is the same in terms of wounds, they don’t scab or heal they simply grow rocks over them so long as it isn’t fatal. One major weakness they suffer from is the weight of their body makes it hard for them to swim and this is often a form of execution for them. They are also weak at the center of their sternum. This is theorized because that is where the proteins that build the rocks are created.

Society: The Territana society is one of subtlety. They are ruled by the Council of Gems, five Territanan beings with gems instead of stones protruding from their body. Many work with trading and building. Their structures are of great renown and only the Territanan smiths can handle pure Majik essence, making them great for enchanting or the creation of enchanted items.

Religion: The majority of all Territanan society do not reverie a god, but those who do claim to worship the Obsidian One. The Obsidian one was only characterized by the black stones on its hands, and legs. All other regards about the appearance claim they never saw anything else. The god was claimed to be stoic and the teachings instilled where of hard work and perseverance, but also of carefulness, telling the people he led that they would be hunted and enslaved for their stones. The Obsidian One was also the teacher of the Destructive Styles of Majik, making many of the Territanan race to want study and learn the art.

Territana Traits:

Ability Score Increase: As a Territana your body is as strong as stone. You gain a +2 to your CON score.

Size: Men may be Large or Medium but women are strictly medium. Men range from 6 ft to 8 ft and weigh between 250-350 lbs. Females are anywhere from 5’6-7 ft tall and weight between 215-275 lbs.

Speed: With the stones as weight you move slower than other races with a speed of 25 ft.

Low-Light Vision: Accustom to caves and dark passages, you have Low-Light Vision out to 90 ft.

Tremorsense: Being deeply connected to the earth and stone below it you have a 30 ft. tremor sense.

Stone’s Strength: With a body as strong as stone you have resistance to slashing damage from non magical weapons.

Majik Crafter: As a Territana you gain a double proficiency bonus to you check to create magical items.

Subraces: There are 3 sub races for the Territana. To become a Gem Territana you must roll a percentage die with a 1-5% outcome.

Chemical Territana:

Ability Score Increase: As a Chemical Territana you have an innate understanding of chemicals in the world. You gain a +1 to your INT score.

All-Chemical Resistance: As a Chemical Territana you gain resistance to poison and poison effects.

Toxic Breath: As a Chemical Territana you gain the ability to breath a cone of acid 20 ft. in length. It deals 1d4 in damage and 1d4 damage for 2 rounds following unless they pass a CON saving throw equal to 8+Proficiency+CON modifier. This damage increases to 2d4 at level 7 and 3d4 at level 14.

Hard Rock Territana:

Ability Score Increase: As a Hard Rock Territana your mind is as solid as your body. You gain a +1 to your WIS score.

Hard as Stone: As a Hard Rock Territana you gain +2 Hit Points at Level 1 and +1 for every subsequent level.

Hands of Bedrock: As a Hard Rock Territana you gain +1d4 damage on a successful unarmed strike.

Gem Territana:

Ability Score Increase: As a Gem Territana you are beautiful beyond belief. You gain a +1 to your CHA score.

Dazzling Gems: On all CHA based skills you gain double proficiency to the roll.

Light Weight Body: Gems being lighter than stone makes you move quicker. You gain a +5 to your base land speed.

Undeniable Gleam: All Territanas know when a “Gemed One” is born. All Territana that have any connection to a city with at least 35% Territanan population know of your existence.


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