Regal elegance. High class vs. Low class. Female supremacy. These are things in the lives of the Pyluma Empirical Republic. These beings are much like if a phoenix merged with a human. Regal, Powerful, Fiery, and Proud. This is why they control the mightiest military with the greatest goals of conquest on to exist on Terranova.

Appearance: Pyluma are generally more well proportioned. Much like a Greek statue. They have tan skin and a many have feathers in their hair that grow out and most rarely have body/facial hair. High-Blood Pyluma have strong features and carry themselves with strength and class where as low blood or work class Pyluma can look more rough around the edges with less regal appearence.

Society: The Grand Justice. She who presides over all others only being limited by the people who follow her. Society is run with many structured day to day duties given out by class. A High-Blood may have a peace conference while a low blood teaches at a school and a work class ends up doing labor such as building structures or working as a soldier.

Religion: Many of the Pyluma worship the Crimson Maiden, known as the creator of Conquest Majik and on of the Greats during the time of the coming. Many say that the Cloak of Fire and the Crown of the Soul (Symbols of the Grand Justice) are only wearable by the ones that the Crimson Maiden claims are worthy, rejecting all others. The Grand Justice is the center of the Religious/Political state that they control. She has final say in all aspects of the military decisions, the economic/political decisions if one cant be reached by the Congregate and also states the will of the Crimson Maiden during the Summer Revel.

Pylma Traits:

Ability Score Increase: As a Pyluma you are beautiful and versatile. You gain a +2 to your CHA and +1 to another ability score of your choosing.

Size: You are a medium humanoid creature.

Speed: You have a standard land speed of 30 feet.

Re-Kindling Soul: Having a soul of a Phoenix you rise from the ashes when you fall. When you are reduced to 0 hit points but not killed outright, you can drop to 1 hit point instead and reappear from a burst of flames 5 feet away. You can’t use this feature again until you finish a long rest.

Cindered Skin: Having a skin that is forged by the cinders of a phoenix. You have immunity to mundane fire, but no resistance to magical fire.

Flame Manipulation: As an Pyluma you may use your innate fire affinity to conjure fire. You learn the cantrip Summon Flames.

Birthright: You have birthright determine by social class.

Social Proficiency: You have an easier time socializing/associating with the social class you where born to. (IE: A high blood has an easier time in the high society than that of a low blood or houseless.)

Weapon Training:

High Bloods: You gain proficiency in the Courtblade and the pistol.

Military House: You gain proficiency with the footlance and the longsword.

Housless: You gain proficiency with the shortsword and unarmed strike.


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