Progress at the cost of anything. Lives are but a limitation on the knowledge one can achieve. These are things that the Novalache believe. They are a race seeking progress through reclamation of lost knowledge. They lost their bodies and their previous lives just in attempts to reclaim knowledge lost to the world during the collapse. With them populating a new land and pushing indigenous people out, they have a strong sense of righteous will that is constantly on display.

Appearance: Novalache are like pristine angels. They are metallic and uniform. They have implants that they have used to survive on Thios-Dohman. All Novalache have implants protruding from their spine, sternum and most have them protruding on their neck and head. Generally Novalache have one medium skin tone and eyes that range from green, blue and purple.

Society: Novalache society is very a similar to most societies. They communicate and are sustained by a system named Caelum. This system is a massive Majik source that powers their implants and allows them to communicate as a hive. This system does have its limitations however. Once such is that the Novalache have a maximum population of 1000, and very rarely do any of those 1000 leave the 7 serph cities on Thios-Dohman. This causes a lack in the need of reproducing and more focus on recovering the lost knowledge. They have no currency system and they generally don’t need one.

Religion: Many libraries in the 7 serph cities have statues and shrine devoted to Korpaet, the Reclaimer. Many site that he was the first to thrist for knowledge and the first to tell the original Reclaimers (That became the Novalache) how to descend to Thios-Dohman to attempt to gain access to all the knowledge lost in the collapse.

Novalache Traits

Ability Score Increase: As a race that thrives for knowledge you gain a +2 to your INT Score.

Size: You are a medium creature.

Speed: Your land speed is 30 ft.

Caelum Communication: You are always connected to those of your race through the Caelum System so you are able to communicate through the system to others of your race. When you are within 120 ft of another Novalache, you are aware of their existence and may communicate telepathically with that person. If you are in one of the Seven Serph Cities, you may communicate with any Novalache in the city regardless of distance.

Mind of Research: You gain proficiency with the Artisans Tool’s(Tinkerers tools) and the Knowledge(History) Skill.

Cybernetic Implants: You are implanted with Cybernetics at birth to survive the high gravity in your conquered land. Select one.

Fortesmis Implants:

Ability Score Increase: You have implants that greatly increase your musculature. You gain a +1 to your STR score.

Overclocked Femurs: You have the ability to put more stress on your muscles than others. You gain a +5 to your movement speed.

Sonic Strike: You have the ability to channel sonic vibrations in your arm and weapon that breaks the sound barrier like that of a crack of thunder. At 3rd level you can cast Thunderous Smite once per day. At 7th level you may use it twice per day.

Oranos Implants:

Ability Score Increase: Your implants increase your balance and grace. You gain a +1 to your DEX Score.

Ferroh Wings: You have wings that grant you a fly speed equal to your land speed. You cant be wearing medium or heavy armor to use this feature.

Full Body Pulse: You have the ability to vibrate your body at very high speeds and discharge it in full force. At 3rd level you gain the ability to cast Thunderwave once per day. At 7th level you may use this feature twice per day.

Ezkudo Implants:

Ability Score Increase: Your implants keep you sturdy and strong. You gain a +1 to your CON score.

Cybernetic Veins: Being designed for a survival, your body can shrug off poisons. You have advantage on saving throws against poison and have resistance to poison damage.

Force Shield: You have the ability to create a shield of force projected by your body’s implants. You have the ability to cast shield once per day. At 7th level you may use this ability twice per day.


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