A “Limit Break” is an action taken by a creature with a least a Level 1 Limit Gauge. Your Limit Gauge increases based off of a % of your maximum HP.
Level 1: 75% HP Loss
Level 2: 90% HP Loss
Level 3: 105% HP Loss
Level 4: 120% HP Loss
Each character gains a Limit Break Action at level 5, 10, 15 and 20, these actions take your entire turn. After a limit is used a number of times, you unlock the v.2 Limit. The v.2 Limit is the same level as the original but you can choose to use either when you take the Limit Break Action. A 4th level Limit break is only obtainable after unlocking all your other Limit Break Actions and attaining level 20. This Limit has no v.2.
Level 1 v.2: 4 uses of Level 1 Limit Break
Level 2 v.2: 9 uses of Level 2 Limit Break
Level 3 v.2: 16 uses of Level 3 Limit Break

Example Level 1 Limits:

Hyper Slash:
Limit Type: Physical Damage
Range:10 ft
Duration: Instant
You strike 10 times at an enemy each dealing 1d6 damage of the type your weapon would inflict. The enemy then must make a CON saving throw vs (8 + Prof + STR or DEX mod) or be stunned for 1d2 rounds.

Limit Type: Magical Damage
Range: 60 ft
Duration: Instant
You cast a hyper condensed ball of fire dealing 9d6 Fire damage in a 30ft circle within range (This damage is unavoidable). The creatures in range must make a DEX saving throw vs (8 + Prof + INT or WIS or CHA mod), taking 3d6 extra force damage on a failed save or half that on a successful one.

Ancient Aegis:
Limit Type: Physical Defense
Range: Self
Duration: 5 Rounds
You reinforce your body with energy, granting you resistance from all damage for the duration. Roll a number of Hit Dice equal to half your level, you gain Temporary HP to the amount rolled. This effect doesn’t expend Hit Dice.

Healing Tide:
Limit Type: Support Magic
Range: 60 ft
Duration: 5 Rounds
A wave of healing energy flows across the battle field. You choose up to 7 Creatures within range. They regain 4d8 health and an extra 2d4 each round for the duration.


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