A mimic. An impostor. A copy-cat. This is what makes the Kymeric so strong. They are a race of wilders that lives in the vastly uncharted forests of Terranova. They have learned to mimic the wild creatures they live around. Their body being unstable allows them to imitate animals with wild traits.

Appearance: Kymerics generally look rough. They have lived most of their lives in the wild making them look as un-kept as their surroundings. The trait that defines the appearance of Kymerics are their physical mimicry of wild animals. The Kymerics take the traits of an animal and reflect them with their physical appearance.

Society: Kymeric society relies on the hunting and gathering lifestyle. This makes them believe heavily on self reliance. The Kymerics are almost unknown to the rest of the surface races and the few sighting have been written off as “monster sightings” by most of the people hearing the tales. Life isn’t easy in the Kymeric tribes but it isn’t hard to understand. If someone doesn’t do their job, the tribe suffers, so many of the Kymerics understand that their position is necessary.

Religion: Like animals can tell when the seasons are about to change, so can the Kymerics. They generally follow the change of seasons as times for festivals and time for morning family that have passed in the past months. Many Kymeric burial grounds are sacred and many tribes have 4, one for each season.

Kymeric Traits:

Ability Score Increase: As a Kymeric you are used to traveling and fighting in the wilderness. You gain +2 to your STR score.

Size: You are a medium creature.

Speed: Used to moving for yourself without assitance from mounts, your movement is 35 ft.

Fey-Wild Fangs: Your beastial mimicry has led to elongated claws and fangs. You are never unarmed. You are proficient with your claws and fangs/beak, which are a melee weapon that deals 1d4 slashing damage and 1d4 piercing damage respectively. A bite can be made while restrained.


Forest Walker:

Ability Score Increase: You have a natural sense of order and this give you a +1 to your WIS Score.

Mask of the Wild: You can attempt to hide even when you are only lightly obscured by foliage, heavy rain, falling snow, mist, and other natural phenomena.

Pounce: If you move 20ft towards an enemy and attack, the enemy must make a Strength Saving Throw or be knocked prone. Save DC = (10+ Your Strength Modifier)

Grassland Hunter:

Ability Score Increase: You have the mind to out smart prey, this translates to a +1 to you INT Score.

Hunter’s Stride: You are Uneffected by difficult terrain in forests.

Hunter’s Leap: If you move 20ft towards an enemy and attack, the enemy must make a Strength Saving Throw or become restrained by you. Save DC = (10+ Your Strength Modifier)

Raptor Wing:

Ability Score Increase: You are as smooth as a crow at night and as beautiful as a midday swan, you gain a +1 to your CHA Score

Wings: You have a flying speed equal to 35 feet. To use this speed, you can’t be wearing medium or heavy armor.

Raptor Mimicry: Choose one of the following traits at character creation. This trait cannot be changed once selected at 1st level.

Swan Song: You channel the majik in sound to revitalize an ally. As a bonus action you select an allied adjacent creature. As a reaction, that ally may immediately move an additional 15 feet. You must complete a long rest before using this ability again.

Crow Shriek: You channel the pain sound can cause into a directed scream. As an attack, target an enemy within a 15 foot cone of you that you can see and that can hear you. This enemy must make a Constitution Saving Throw DC = 8+ Charisma Modifier+ Your Proficiency or become stunned for 1d2 turns. You must take a long rest before using this ability again. You must complete a long rest before using this ability again.

Dragon-kin: This subrace is a more visually human dragonborn race. Your traits are the same as the Dragonborn other than age progression. See Player’s Handbook PG 32 for info on dragonborn.


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