The Kozjen are a race that embrace massive change like the cycle of the Moon. They are a race the begin rebellious and eventually go through a metabolic evolution of the mind after they gain enough life experience. Some hit this point at a young age and some never reach it. Either way their connection to the moon is undeniable.

Appearance: The Kozjen are a race of drastic skin tones. Some are born with skin dark as night and some come into the world pale as fresh snow. One thing is sure, they will always have drastic skin tones not far from the gray scale. They a lengthy and thin, very rarely being overweight. They have elongated faces and pointed ears. with eye without pupils, only a solid color.

Society: The Kozjen race has a very equality-based race with absolutely no ruling party. If a matter needs attending to, groups usually debate it to gain the favors of other Kozjen until they have enough majority to make the change. Many are giving and willing to help others, almost as an innate instinct. Their society is one of uninhibited growth and peace, that comes without any effort.

Religion: Most Kozjen have a strong connection to attempt to follow in the footsteps of the “First Enlightened One”, but accept that some reject it either entirely or simply while they are young. The First Enlightened One is believed to be one of the Greats. Believed to lack a sex, this Great One was the original teacher of the Support Styles of Majik, used to benefit the people of the world. It’s teachings where those of Peace, tolerance and acceptance. These are the 3 pillars of the Full Moon. The fear of oppression, war and confinement are the worries instilled by the First. These topics form the 3 pillars of the Moonless Night. They live in balance and peace hoping the world will soon follow.

Kozjen Traits:

Ability Score Increase: As a Kozjen you are nimble and quick. You gain +2 to your DEX score.

Size: All Kozjen are medium creature. Males generally don’t exceed 190 lbs. and females rarely reach 160 lbs.

Speed: Being quick and nimble you’re typically faster than most races. Your base land speed is 35 ft.

Enlightenment of the Moon: Being wise and always being aware of your surroundings, others find it hard to surprise you. You can’t be surprised when you are conscious and enemies don’t gain advantage on attacks when they’re hidden.

Night Falls: As a 1/day spell you may use Featherfall as the the spell at will. this increases to 2/day at level 10.

Low-Light Vision: Being deeply connected to the moon you operate well in Low-Light situations. You have Low-Light vision out to 60 ft.

Subraces: There are 3 subraces to the Kozjen race. Select one.

One of The Full Moon:

Ability Score Increases: As One of The Full Moon you have a strong connection with the search for enlightenment. You gain a +1 to your WIS score.

Touched by a Higher Power: Feeling the touch of the First, you have a deep serenity even in the face of danger. You gain double proficiency bonus for rolls to avoid fear based effects.

Touch of Lunar Illumination: As you have a connection with the moon at its brightest, when the moon is full you recover from wounds more rapidly. When the moon is full and you are in it’s light, you regain 1d2 Hit Points per round.

One of The Moonless Night:

Ability Score Increases: As One of the Moonless Night you have a connection with the darkness of night and the beauty it holds. You gain a +1 to you CHA score.

Dead of Night Strike: As One of the Moonless Night you may use your connection to the darkness of night to ensure a swift and precise strike. 1/day on a moonless night you may gain double proficiency bonus to any attack roll and on a successful hit you gain an extra attack as a bonus action against the enemy struck.

One with Night: Being one connected with the night you gain double proficiency bonus to stealth check as long as you have proficentcy in the Stealth Skill, if you gain expertise in stealth, they do not Stack.

One of The Clouded Moon:

Ability Score Increase: As One of the Clouded moon you have less direction than those of your brothers and sisters, having to figure out the world through knowledge and less through wisdom. You gain a +1 to your INT score.

Path Less Traveled: As One of the Clouded Moon you lack the direction others of your race feel towards life, so you learned to figure out the route on your own. You are always able to discern which direction is north and when you become lost roll a percentage die and if it is 1-40% you gain the instinct where to go.

Crescent Strike: On a night there is not a full moon or no moon you feel a connection with the feeling of being incomplete. 1/week when the moon isn’t full or no moon at all, you may add 1d4 to your damage roll and regain hit points for the same amount.


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