Priemdus Wars – War between primordial beings that became the PANTHEON.

Origin Dispute – War amongst races and ended up structuring the countries on Terranova.

Nova-Thios Conflict – The current war that the Novalache and the Praedite counties that are continuing to conflict. Current year of War: 194.

Dirvas Conflict – Events that may spark a new war.


Human Eratication Regiment – A Regiment of suppossedly renegade Pyluma soldiers lead a march into the Demilitarized Central Zone and attempted to destroy the Human settlements and wipe humans out due to a “threat of invasion”.

Exhumus Treaty – The treaty that set up the structure of influence for the PANTHEON.

Apothesis Treaty – The treaty created after the Origin Dispute. It split the countries and created a Demilitarized Central Zone for the well being of the country.

Reclaimer Descent – This is the migration of the Reclaimers that became the Novalache.


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