Passive peace. This is how Gelanti are. It takes atrocities to awaken their drive to seek action. With a society so scattered most Gelanti start an endless pilgrimage through the ocean to live their life.

Appearance: Gelanti have features of like that of a jellyfish. The hair looks thick from afar but can end up hurting someone if they get too close. Most have blue-green colored eyes and off-white skin tones with shades of purple, green or blue. They are well adapted to water and can swim with excellent efficiency. Remaining humanoid, the Gelanti stand upright and generally have a mix of jellyfish tentacles and hair.

Society: Most Gelanti Society involves roaming through the ocean on a traditional path that takes 3 years to circle. This is mostly in due to the fact that the Gelanti have a low population count, due to the difficulty of birth for the race. They have a formal government that protects the currents and pathways the Gelanti move through, but it takes a large issue to arise for the protectors to get get involved.

Religion: The religion of the Gelanti is discovery of all things. They are a race that sees all the forgotten ruins of the old world. They have gone through and tried to rediscover the past to find the truth of the past they awake to. They have no formal studies or religious orders but clerics are common.

Gelanti Traits:

Ability score increase: Gelanti have a strong sense of intuition due to their life of travel. Gelanti gain a +2 to their WIS score.

Size: Gelanti Females rarely reach 4.5 feet tall and men don’t ever reach 5’. Your size is small.

Hydration: Being accustom to the ocean you must remain hydrated. You can use create water as the cleric spell as a ritual that takes 10 minutes to cast. IF you are not hydrated you will lose effects of your race and you will gain exhaustion until death. TO remain hydrated you must hydrate every 8 hours.

Speed: as a smaller creature you have shorter legs and you move 25 feet as a base land and swim speed.

Darkvision: Being attuned to darkness in the ocean the Gelanti have dark vision out to 120 ft so long as they are hydrated.

Jell Body: With a body that is very easily bent and twisted you have resistance to bludgeoning damage from non magical weapons so long as you are hydrated.

Electrical Field: If a creature successfully grapples you, you may become dehydrated to make the foe drop you and take 1d4 electric damage unless it passes a CON save equal to (8+Your CON modifier).

Subraces: Their are 3 subraces of Gelanti, select 1.

Black-Sea Gelanti:

Ability score increase: As a Black-Sea Gelanti you have sharper movements. You gain a +1 to your DEX score.

Spiny Tentacle: You have a long tentacle that can be used as a makeshift weapon. You can always use your tentacle as a weapon, it is a whip that you are always proficient in.

Clear Body: As a Black-Sea Gelanti you can meld into a background so long as you are hydrated. 1/day you may go under the effect of an invisibility spell (as the wizard spell) and remain that way for 1/2 hour. Afterwards you become dehydrated.

King’s Mane Gelanti:

Ability score increase: As a King’s Mane Gelanti you are stronger than others of your race. You gain a +1 to your STR Score.

Multi-weave Musculature: As a King’s Mane Gelanti you have a stronger musculature like that of a medium creature. You can use heavy weapons with no penalty.

Land Legs: Due to your musculature you can move faster on land than the others of your race. So long as you’re hydrated your land speed increases 5 feet.

Iru Gelanti:

Ability score increase: As a Iru Gelanti you are more grounded with a lower center of mass. You gain a +1 to your CON score.

Body Hardening: By dehydrating yourself you can make your body momentarily hard. This allows you to take half damage from and damage that does not exceed your CON score at the cost of becoming dehydrated.

Poison resistance: you are resistant to all poisons and toxins due to your body’s make up.


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