Fire Domain

Cleric Level………. Spells
1st………. Faerie Fire, Searing Smite
3rd………. Flame Blade, Flamimg Sphere
5th………. Fireball, Stinking Cloud
7th………. Fire Shield, Wall of FIre
9th………. Conjure Elemental, Flame Strike

Blessings of the Flare:
At 1st level You learn the Fire Bolt and Summon Flame cantrips.

Bonus Proficentcy:
At 1st level You gain proficentcy with martial weapons and the torchspear.

Channel Divinity: Fire Dance
At 2nd level you may use your channel divinity to enter a dance of flares.
You present your symbol and pray to your deity. For a number of rounds equal to you WIS modifer you enter a fire dance. While fire dancing you may move equal to your standard movement and use you action to either make 2 attacks, cast fire bolt twice or cast fire bolt and attack. You cant take any other actions while dancing.

Flare Step:
At 6th level you gain +10 to your base speed and when you take the dash action you leave a trail of fire behind you. Each space you step in while dashing ignites for a number of turns equal to your DEX mod dealing 1d8 fire damage to any creature passing through the trail.

Improved Fire Dance:
When you use your Channel DIvinity to enter a fire dance you leave a flare trail where you move while dancing. Attacks and attacks of opportunity have disadvantage against you while dancing.

Master Dancer:
At 17th level you have mastered throwing fire while dancing. While dancing you may add your WIS mod to your AC if youre not wearing medium or heavy armor. In addition to being able to cast fire bolt, you may now cast any of your Domain spells while dancing. You may maintain focus on an effect but rolls to maintain focus have disadvantage.

Fire Domain

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