Field Medic

Battle Medic
At 3rd level you are used to administering medicine in combat. When you are in combat you may add your proficentcy bonus to you Medicine Checks.

Medic Proficentcies
At 3rd level you gain proficentcy in the Shield and may operate a shotgun or pistol while wielding a shield, but not a rifle. You also learn the Spare the Dying Cantrip

Natural Healer
At 7th level you have learned to cast Cure Wounds as a 2nd level spell as an action on your turn. You may cast this spell without material components a number of times per day equal to you WIS modifer.

Passive Healing
At 11th level you have learned to heal allies while youre resting. After finishing a short rest any number of allies you select in your party all regain 1d8 + WIS mod Hit points.

One Man Ambulance
At 15th level you are used to being the only one focused on staying alive. You may craft a max 5 potions of cure wounds at half cost per day. By scavenging a battle field or nearby area you find the components to make these potions. If you spend 30 min gathering materials you may create 2 of the potions with the materials you gathered. Also, once per day you may remove one disease from a creature you touch.

Field Medic

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