Decenis, everything the was wrong with human before the fall. They embody the original sins of wrath, lust, gluttony, envy, greed, pride and sloth. All of the immoral behaviors that were (and still are) present in the races of the world have become pure. After being exiled in the Frozen Wastes, their hearts have grown cold and their minds have broken.

Appearance: Decenis are a race that appear to be human at a glance. The traits that set them apart from the “typical” humans are a black/blue mark around their neck, much like the marks left after an execution by the hangman’s noose.. Decenis are also always characterized by their masks. As a race of the frozen wastes, they haven’t lived a life of leisure, generally having many scars and stitches. Some even end up with a loss of limbs or appendages.

Society: The harsh living has caused them to be a race thought dead. The environment has also caused them to be very few in number, generally sticking to nomad tribes of 20-25 at a time. Ever since the Seven Origin Exiles, the Decenis have embodied Sin and the Fault in humans, but they also embody a force that taints anything it touches, Madness. Every Decenis has 3 separate and different sides to them. One minute a sweet girl helping pack and the next, turning into a terrifying berserker killing anything in sight. It has been discovered that Decenis are all connected to the Seven Origin Exiles, seeing them in their dreams and hearing them in their heads. In an attempt to make sure they remain individuals, they carve masks and wear them as a reminder the “I am me, and you are you. You are not me and I am not you.” At birth the Decenis are peaceful but by the age of 5 they hear the voices of three of the Exiles, tainting them from childhood.

Religion: Being cynical and entirely disassociated from society, very few Decenis have a formal religion. Some may seek to slay the Seven to ease their minds and end their madness and some give into their madness and embrace that life is just a series of random events. Either way the Decenis are against formal religion and believe a person that has a free mind has no reason to listen to another.

Decenis Traits:

Ability Score Increase: As a Decenis, you have three minds for conversation (if only it was under your control). You gain a +2 to your CHA score.

Size: Decenis are generally the same size as humans but height varies from 5’1 to around 6’0 and weight ranges from 130 lbs. to 190 lbs. Your size is medium.

Speed: You look mostly human, you move mostly human. This makes your movement speed 30 ft.

Frozen Heart: Being accustom to the frozen wastelands, you have a natural resistance to the cold. You have resistance to Cold Damage and cold weather conditions don’t affect your movement in them.

Shattered Mind: Like a rotating pendulum your personality shifts between 3 sides (player’s choice. The personality shifts based on subrace). This makes it hard to telegraph your movements. You can’t be charmed and can’t be put to sleep through magic effects.

Psycho Insomniac: You can’t sleep until a 72 hour cycle has past. Each 24 hours you go past the 72 hour point (96, 120, etc.) your body begins to lose functionality. After 72 Hours you gain 3rd level exhaustion and for each 24 hours you don’t rest your exhaustion increases by 1 level.


Body Induced Psychosis:

Ability Score Increase: Having your personality shift due to physical pain, you gain the ability to shrug it off easier. You gain +1 to your CON score.

Psycho-Physical Shift: Each time you take more than (3 + CON modifier + Proficiency) points of damage you must roll a percentage die. The result with randomly shift you to a new personality (This includes self inflicted injury).

Weapon Swinging Psycho: After shifting to a new personality, your next successful attack deals an extra 1d6 in damage to an enemy.

Scared Body: After taking damage from an enemy you begin to understand their movements. After taking damage from an enemy you, all attacks they attempt to make on you have disadvantage during their next turn.

Multi-Mental Mind:

Ability Score Increase: Being of frail mind your best option is to run from anything you don’t understand. You gain a +1 to your DEX score.

Erratic Mind: Each time you take psychic damage or fail a wisdom or intelligence check, you must roll a percentage die. The result with randomly shift you to a new personality (it is fair game to attempt and INT or WIS check on yourself so long as you can justify it).

Mind Like a Steel Trap: Having a mind that is constantly under strain from the time your where born, you gain the ability to discern time well and actions become ingrained to your mind(s) more easily. You can accurately tell how many hours are left in the day and how many hours are left till you begin to get fatigued and you gain proficiency in any 3 tools.

Emotional Wreck:

Ability Score Increase: Being a total emotion wreck, you are hard to stop once you’ve decided on a course of action, your emotional distress turns to strength. You gain a +1 to your STR score.

Emotional Distress: Each time you fail a CHA based check, are effected by a fear effect or have a charm attempted on you, you must roll a percentage die. The result with randomly shift you to a new personality (You may cause yourself emotional distress by recalling past events that are particularly upsetting, but must still roll a CHA based check).

Lover Scorned: You have felt love and loss more times in a day than 5 people feel in a life time. This makes you very good at seeing what others are saying. You can read the lips of any creature you can see. You must share a language with the creature you are reading.

Face Reader: You aren’t easy to fool, your emotions are too uncontrollable for you to easily believe what others say but that doesn’t mean they won’t believe you. You gain proficiency in the Perception and Deception skills.


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