College of the Silent Note

Bonus Proficentcy
When you join this college at 3rd level you gain proficentcy in the Pistol, Hidden Blade and Courtblade.

Deafening Note
When you take this college at 3rd level you have learned that sounds that you cant hear are just as dangerous. When an enemy makes an attack against you you can expend an ispiration die and the enemy must make a CHA Save. On a failed save the enemy becomes deafened or blinded (your choice) for 1d6/2 (Rounded Down) rounds.

Sneak Attack
At 6th level you gain a sneak attack equal to a rogue of half your Bard level.

At 14th level you have learned how to silence your actions. When you cast a bard spell it the Subtle Spell metamagic as a sorcerer. You can use this a number of times between long rests equal to your bard level/2 (Rounded down).

College of the Silent Note

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